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Alternative treatments for treatment-resistant anxiety disorder
March 16, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A man coping with treatment-resistant anxiety.

If you are dealing with treatment-resistant anxiety disorder, it can feel like you are out of options. Experimenting with pharmaceuticals with no results can cause considerable side-effects with no relief. Luckily, ketamine infusions are revolutionizing anxiety treatment. At Long Island Ketamine Infusions, we are the leading outpatient psychiatric clinic that specializes in treating anxiety and depression in Long Island. Qualified professionals administer our groundbreaking ketamine infusions that succeed where conventional treatments fail.

Here are alternatives for a treatment-resistant anxiety disorder:


If you are interested in alternative treatments for treatment-resistant anxiety disorder, yoga is an excellent alternative.

Firstly, several studies have proven that yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Moreover, yoga is an excellent way to learn to cope with stressful situations that induce anxiety. As a holistic treatment, yoga recognizes the inseparable link between your body and mind.

Through breathing, stretching, and exploring the inner-self, you achieve deep relaxation and inner well-being that enables you to deal positively with anxiety-provoking thoughts, emotions, sensations, and situations. Your 'fight-or-flight' response generates anxiety.

This response results in your body and mind reacting to external pressures. Yoga enables you to manage these bodily reactions and dislodge yourself from this state when encountering triggers.

Yoga slows brain activity associated with anxiety, produces theta waves associated with relaxation, and enables concentration on things other than anxiety triggers and symptoms. Still, yoga works best when supplementing more effective treatments, like ketamine infusions.

If you have still found no relief from your treatment-resistant anxiety disorder, at Long Island Ketamine Infusions, we can help.


Another excellent alternative to managing treatment-resistant anxiety is acupuncture. Acupuncture involves inserting needles into your skin half a millimeter away from your nerves.

This insertion causes your nervous system to produce painkilling chemicals that catalyze your body’s natural healing capabilities and stimulate the part of your brain that controls emotions like anxiety. Studies show acupuncture can significantly reduce anxiety and stress.

By enabling your body to regain control of your emotions and regulating your body’s chemical balance naturally, acupuncture can prevent you from needing medication entirely.

Moreover, some people experience a significant reduction in their anxiety for up to 10 weeks after a session. Similar to yoga, acupuncture optimizes how your body handles its ‘fight-or-flight’ response, which is central to anxiety disorders.

However, acupuncture is ideal when coupled with ketamine infusions, which are life-changing treatments. Together, they can significantly mitigate your treatment-resistant anxiety.

Ketamine infusions

Ketamine infusions are the premier solution for treatment-resistant anxiety. When conventional treatments fail, ketamine offers an unparalleled solution.

A landmark study revealed up to 70% of patients can expect significant relief after six ketamine infusions. More importantly, ketamine treatment produces no side effects, is enjoyable and painless, and patients experience immediate relief.

Moreover, ketamine infusions are proven to have long-term effects. Ketamine activates mechanisms that induce anxiety reduction in the right frontal theta, and it activates synaptic plasticity by increasing derived neurotrophic factor translation and secretion.

While conventional medications can take several weeks to manifest this plasticity, ketamine manifests it in mere hours. Ultimately, the benefits of ketamine are life-changing and significantly improve the quality of life for those suffering from treatment-resistant anxiety disorders.

For more information about how ketamine can remediate treatment-resistant anxiety disorder, we are the premier resource.

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If you are suffering from treatment-resistant anxiety, there is hope for relief. Where traditional treatment methods fail, ketamine offers relief with an unparalleled success rate. Moreover, at Long Island Ketamine Infusions, we are the leading provider, and we boast unrivaled experience and credentials. Your first infusion will feel like the first day of the rest of your life. Call now to get started!